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Why Hire a Dog Walker?


There used to be a time when it was thought that if you had a dog walker you couldn’t be bothered to take them for a walk or were too lazy. Well, those times have changed. People’s lives have got busier, and fitting everything in can be a real challenge. This does not make you bad dog owner, in fact far from it. 

Owners recognise that dogs need simple things in life, food, exercise, companionship and shelter, and when one of these can’t be achieved by the owner themselves, in steps a dog walker. 

Dog walkers are starting to be a part of many dog owners’ daily lives, just like baby sitters or child minders for children. 

 So why do so many people hire a dog walker? Why is there such demand for their service? Well here is what I’ve found out from my own experience as a dog walker.


Many households have different jobs, whether it’s a day or night job, shift patterns, or simply having to work late with that extra meeting you can’t simply put off.

Having a dog walker can simply take the pressure off having to pop home to walk the dog or give him/her a toilet break. Depending on your work day and hours, you can discuss with the dog walker the best time for their walk, so it suits the number of hours being left alone from when you leave for work and when you’ll be home.

Owners who work from home, may have a bigger workload, and would prefer to send their dog out in the middle of the day so they don’t have a hyper dog around the house.

A dog walker can help break the day up for the dog, by taking them for a walk for some much needed exercise and let off some steam with their canine friends, give them a toilet break and if need be their dinner.  

Socialisation and Stimulation

A walk for a dog is not just about running around. It is also a dog's time to use their senses, smell and see different things and also be around their canine friends. Having a dog walker can enable this to happen with a group walk at the woods where the smells are endless.   

Having a walk with a group of dogs can sometimes mean off lead time for a dog that cannot always come off lead with their owner. This could be simply because they can’t drive to get to a woodland or open space away from roads and livestock so they their only other option is around the roads. Some owners may struggle their dogs recall when they are out on their own, and just like children may ‘play them up when trying to put their lead on, but seem better with someone new, or stick close by to their pack where things are much more interesting.

Socialisation doesn’t have to just mean with other four-legged companions. It can also mean keeping their dog used to having different people come to take them out. In my experience, there has been some owners who like to have more than just one dog walker. This also helps cover walks when another dog walker is absent, and keeps the dog used to having different people to take them out, especially if they are anxious of change.  

Health reasons

Short- or long-term health conditions can restrict the ability to walk the dog. This is where having a dog walker can really take the pressure off the owner and ensure they are getting regular exercise.

This can also help with any surgery owners have had, where a break from walking the dog is necessary to recuperate.

It’s not just human health problems that could be the reason to hire a dog walker. ‘my dog is becoming a couch potato’ is another phrase I have heard. Pet obesity is becoming more of a problem, and regular exercise can really help when you can’t fit in daily walks all the time into your routine.  

Days out, special occasions and events

School holidays with the children? Trying to fit everything in on one day? Relax we've got the dog, so don’t have to feel guilty about the kids out and leaving pooch at home. Hiring a dog walker can leave you feeling less guilty about leaving the dog at home. They will have just as much fun as you are running around in the woods, with their own friends, and sleeping until you return home.

You don’t have to be out with the children, it could simply be giving your dog some time away from the hustle and bustle of a busy household. We all need some ‘R N R' dogs included.  


Everyone is in a different situation financially. Doggy day care centres are generally more expensive for a whole day in comparison to hiring a dog walker. Not only are a cheaper, but you get a drop off and pick-up service from your home. This saves owners having to go and collect dogs from day care after a busy day.  

Why do you hire a dog walker?

So, there are many reasons why people hire dog walkers.

Are there any reasons why you hire a dog walker? Please feel free to comment below.

If you haven’t hired a dog walker yet, and think this could be right for you and your dog, please get in touch. You can find the contact details under the ‘contact us'.  

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