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Pet Feeding

Going away, and can't take your pets with you?  Don't worry we offer a pet feeding service to make sure they are well looked after in their own home, whether this is cats, rabbits or guinea pigs, or popping into feed the fish.  For some pets this can be far less stressful for them if they stay in their own home comforts.

This service is offered Monday to Friday. 

Pet Feeding from £5

Meet the small furries of Coastal Canine Pet Services

Archie (Left) and Pip (Right) just love a fuss when I visit them, being older cats, they like their own home comforts.  They both still love to explore the garden and relax in the sunshine, even on the window sill. 

Wilma and Willow are 2 beautiful sisters who were rescued from Adoption For Pets. Lovely characters and love a fuss, they will do anything for food and are very cheeky.  

Pippa and Betty are 8 years old, and rescued from Raystede. It didn't take them long to settle in with their new owner. Both girls can be quite shy until they get to know you. They love their food and relaxing in the sunshine. 

Phoenix (left) and Fox (right) are 2 beautiful rats. Phoenix is very confident and loves a cuddle. Fox is a little bit more shy, and loves snuggling down in his pouch. Both love a mealworm or 2 for a tasty treat.

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