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Not Just a Walk in the Park

"Oh you just cuddle dogs all day.", "Oh you just walk dogs!", is just a couple of sayings I've commonly heard when asked what I do for a living.

Being a dog walker isn't just about cuddling dogs (although that is a very rewarding part of spending my day with dogs) or putting dogs in the back of a van taking them to the park or field and picking up poop.  You are taking care of someone's family member, best friend, their baby.  You are also trusted with a key to someone's home and their personal space, making sure everything is locked and secured safely when collecting and dropping home their pet.  As a dog walker you become a part of their daily lives, just as a baby sitter is for their child. 

Behind the scenes

Because I do not do solo walks, on a daily basis, I am taking groups of dogs together who may not have even met before, who eventually in time, become friends.

It might sound like an easy business to set up and do, but actually walking the walk is harder than it looks.  

Planning the week. Some dogs come out everyday, some once, twice, three times a week. I have 3 walks a day to fit dogs in on. Most of the dogs have regular walking times, but some pet parents are flexible to times they come out to play.  Each walk ideally will only have a maximum of 2 dogs on lead (if needed) so it stops leads getting tangled up. This is also useful if a new member joins the group.  

(pictured on left are the 3 amigos who were out every single day. Sadly lost Mimi the white French Bulldog on 26th April 2021 aged 12))

The Walks

Each day is never the same which keeps both me and the dogs on our toes (or paws). Although some dogs are out everyday, the dogs are put into groups which are best suited to each other. 

I have occasionally been asked "What walks do you have the most bouncy dogs on? My dog likes to play." My answer is always " I try to mix the groups into a well balanced group of "chilled" out dogs and at least a couple of their bouncy friends that they do like to play with so every dog gets the most out their walk, whether they like to play and have a good run, without hassling the ones that would rather just simply sniff along the walk, or find that the bouncy dog isn't bored"  

The Walks....Continued

Deciding on where we walk, can depend on the type of group I have. If I have a dog in the group that has a tendency to bark and jump up at people, I will follow a route that I know less people use. If I have dog that chases cyclists then I will keep off a cycle route and go "off roading" through smaller trails. Using this method everyone stays stress free and we can all enjoy our walk.

Decisions on where to walk can also be dependent on the weather. If it's raining and blowing a gale, then on top a of hill in too much open space isn't ideal as we won't be able to keep our paws on the ground for long. If it's hot, then plenty of shade is needed, and shorter walks may be in order, with plenty of water on hand.

A dedicated dog walker will be someone who will go out in all weather's (providing its safe, for example icy roads) to look after the dogs.

After The Walk

Not everyone stays clean on the walks, even in the summer. I'm pretty sure they manage to find a mucky puddle in a drought. If it's not a mucky puddle, then maybe their new Eau de fox poo perfume. This can take time cleaning dogs off the best I can without a full on shower in the van.  

I love being able to tell the dog's parents about their dog's adventures and the new friends they make. I like to post pictures on my Facebook page or website (with owner's permission) to show everyone how well they are doing or send a photo directly to them.

Updating the owners about their dog can also include any change in behaviour or even health (for example, seemed a bit low or lethargic on their walk) that may need addressing.

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My business....my passion

Dog walking isn't just a hobby business. It is a business dedicated to the love, the passion and welfare I have of dogs. I also provide pet feeding to other small animals, in which case its a passion to animals. The animals also become part of our daily lives too, and we care deeply about what goes on with them outside of work too (including catching up with their owners if they've been poorly). They are always in our minds.  

When you hire "just a dog walker" you are not hiring "just a dog walker" you are hiring so much more than that.

Thank you for reading.