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Newsletter 2021

Hello everyone

I hope you are all well.

I wanted to take this time to thank every one of you for your continued support, especially over the last tough 18 months through the Covid-19 global pandemic. It has been so lovely to see so many of the dogs back to having walkies with me again. We are all having so much fun on the walks, and, despite sometimes us getting soaked, the dogs are still making me smile and laugh every day.

I would also like to welcome all my new dogs who have joined me in the last few months now we are returning to normality. Your dogs are all settling in well and making some great new friends. I sometimes think they have more friends than us (hahaha).

Most of you who follow my social media, both Facebook and Instagram are keeping up with the latest updates.

In case you don’t follow social media, or haven’t liked the page, (please gives me a big thumbs up if you haven’t already) here are a few updates I would like to share. 

Find It Fleece Mats

In February this year I started making 'Find It Fleece Mats'. These mats are used as enrichment for your dogs, keeping them busy and entertained. You hide dry treats in amongst all the nooks and crannies of the fleece mat and ask your dog to search for them. Now more than ever our dogs are looking for more ways to be entertained.

This type of enrichment is a way great for your dog to use its brain and nose while searching for their favourite treat. It can also be used to practice their scent work.

• Sniffing can also help to:

• Reduce Stress

• Decrease heart rate,

• Mentally stimulate them.

• Learn self-control.

• Be a handy distraction from the environment (for example in a noisy environment)

I'm making 2 different sizes in a variety of colours.

Small (rubber base) mat £12.00

Medium (plastic base) mat £15.00

They have been a big hit with dogs to beat boredom whilst we have been in lockdown. Now we are returning to work again, our furry friends still enjoy these mats. Too hot to walk in the summer? Use the Find It Fleece Mat, and if they are anything like my Robbie and doesn’t like walking in the rain, these can also help beat the boredom too.

Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing one for your dog.


Now Stocking

Jr Pet Products are currently in stock with me.

These treats are perfect for dogs with allergies, special dietary needs and food intolerance. A variety flavours all, grain and gluten free, with no additives, just 100% pure meat! (YUM!)

Pure Range Training Treats 85g £4.99 

Bite size pieces which come in a re sealable pouch to lock in all the yumminess. 12 flavours to choose from, ostrich, kangaroo, goat, rabbit, venison, lamb, chicken, seabass, duck, turkey, beef and salmon.

Perfect for helping with dog recall, giving them that extra incentive to come back to something tastier.

Perfect to play games with too. For example, hiding around the house and garden to find pieces at a time.

Also, a perfect addition to sprinkle in your Find Fleece Mats (made by myself, please see my shop on Facebook for available mats) as they are small enough to hide in between the fleece strips. 

Pure Range Sticks 50g £3.49

Just like the training treats but in stick form. I have 6 flavours to choose from: ostrich, salmon, chicken, seabass, venison and duck.

Great just as a treat once they return home for walkies!

Or even just a snack, because you love them. 



Some of you may already know but I am now on Google. My small business relies on the support of my clients. I would be extremely grateful if you could leave me a review on Google.

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