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Coastal Canine's 1st Birthday!!

And where the story began...


Wow, a whole year has passed already since Coastal Canine Pet Services was born, and what a year it has been!!

Firstly, I’d like to thank all my clients for their support over the years to me as a dog walker of nearly 12 years, and have been with me from the very beginning. Secondly, I’d to thank everyone who has supported Coastal Canine Pet Services on its first year, I’m really grateful and touched by everyone’s support. Thirdly, a huge welcome to all my new clients who are about to start their journey with Coastal Canine Pet Services.  

My first year as Coastal Canine Pet Services has been amazing, but also a challenging one, owing to Covid 19, where Lockdown hit on March 23rd 2020, for 3 months. During this time, despite being gutted I couldn’t walk the dogs, I enjoyed engaging with my clients over Facebook and on the website, introducing new activities for keeping pooches occupied, whilst I wasn’t able to walk their dog. You can check out the website for these activities here https://www.coastalcaninepetservices.co.uk/lockdown-2020

On 1st June 2020, lockdown restrictions relaxed and I was able to start walking our four legged companions again. It has been amazing, seeing all the dogs again and their happy faces and wagging tails on the walks. Thankfully with the restrictions starting again in November, I have still been able to stay open.  

So how did my career with the dogs begin?

As a child I’d always grown up with animals, especially with the dogs. When I was growing up, I used to love going to my nan and granddad’s house who had 9 dogs at one time. I used to love it, those cute faces and getting lots of cuddles, and found it funny when one of the dogs stole the ham from between my brother’s sandwiches and just left the bread! We then had 3 dogs of our own, 2 german shepherds and a king Charles Cavalier Spaniel, in which I used to go on walks with my friends and their dogs.

When I left school, I took a 2-year college course, at Plumpton College. National Diploma in Animal Management, and a course in canine behaviour, where for each year I had to choose a work experience placement. My 2nd year was in a dog groomers, where I then continued to work for the next 4 years. During this time, I learnt lots about different breeds and how to groom them and what they require for care of their coats and skin. I started to learn how dogs behaved in the salon with the groomer and signs to look out for when a dog wasn’t happy with the experience.  

Whilst working at the local groomers, I also passed my driving test. I remember driving down the seafront in my little Peugeot 106 with my mum and saying to her, maybe we should start a dog walking business, now we haven’t got dogs we really missed them.

During my time at the groomers, I also wrote to a local dog walker, to see if they had any vacancies for dog walking. I was so thrilled to be phoned back and asked to do trial day to see if how got along and whether dog walking was for me and to see if we got on as a team. Since starting as a dog walker I’ve taken many courses in canine behaviour and training.

Nearly 12 years on and I’m still dog walking and still continuing my knowledge of our canine companions. From 1st December 2019 I started running my own dog walking business, Coastal Canine Pet Services. I now have a dog called Robbie, and Staffordshire Bull Terrier. I adopted him from a client 6 years ago, and undertook the journey of agility where I’ve discovered more handling skills in a sport and which has led to a new sport of hoopers.

Hoopers was definitely the preferred sport with myself and Robbie. We’ve been training in hoopers for around 3 years, and we’ve loved it so much, I decided to share my love of the sport with others. This year just after Lockdown myself and my friend started teaching the sport to others and their canine companions, to build up confidence and team building between dog and handler.


With 2021 just around the corner, I will continue to learn new skills and knowledge and keep working with Coastal Canine Pet Services for many more years putting, smiles on pet parents faces and the wags in the tails of their pooches.  

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