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Finding the right Dog Walker


When I first started as a dog walker 11 years ago there weren't many in the industry so I felt honoured to become one. To be trusted with someone else's dog, family member and best friend. That passion still hasn't left me. In fact, I'm even more passionate than I was on my first day.

Being a dog walker has given me opportunities to meet new people and a variety of different dogs. Some customers of mine have stayed with me from the very beginning. I’ve learnt so much about being with dogs.

So, this had me thinking about what makes a good dog walker? How do people choose a dog walker? Why have my clients chosen me?

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Our Dogs Post Lockdown


As we are trying to get our normal lives back on track, so are our dogs. Lots of people have changed their routine completely from when we were in Lockdown. 

Owners are going back to work and children are going back to school. This is something our dogs are trying to get used to again. Dogs like routine, so even having regular feed times can help, and if you haven’t already, gradually move them to a time that works for you when you come home from work. Owners can help dogs to prepare for being left, by ........

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Preparing your dog for annual celebrations


Annual celebrations are a special occasion for many people, whether its birthdays, anniversary, Easter, Halloween or Christmas. Your dog needs to be prepared for a change to the house.

Many houses are decorated in balloons, scary hanging ghosts and Christmas trees, which is all abnormal to see for your dog. Making a change gradually to your house with decorations will slowly allow your dog to become familiar with his/her surroundings, including if you need to move the furniture around, and their bed. 

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Why Hire a Dog Walker?


Dog walkers are starting to be a part of many dog owners’ daily lives, just like baby sitters or child minders for children.

So why do so many people hire a dog walker? Why is there such demand for their service? Well here is what I’ve found out from my own experience as a dog walker.  

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A Dog's Journey with their Dog Walker


Adding a new dog into the groups is often exciting and sometimes a little nerve wracking as you’re never always 100% sure how well they will fit in. I love to learn about their personalities and who they will make friends with first. Their first walk is usually the start of every dog's journey with Coastal Canine Pet Services.

Here I’m going to take you on a couple of journeys of the dogs who have started with me and still walk with me regularly. 

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A Dog Walker's 6 dog walking essentials


Common terms I hear, "I envy you being out in such gorgeous sunny weather" in the spring and summer months. "I don't envy you in this weather" in the autumn and winter months.

So, what helps us dog walkers be prepared to be out in most weathers? Well apart from the obvious (good reliable van, insurance etc) I’m going to share my essentials for when I walk the dogs.  

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Coastal Canine 1st Birthday!


Wow, a whole year has passed already since Coastal Canine Pet Services was born, and what a year it has been!! 

Firstly, I’d like to thank all my clients for their support over the years to me as a dog walker of nearly 12 years, and have been with me from the very beginning. Secondly, I’d to thank everyone who has supported Coastal Canine Pet Services on its first year, I’m really grateful and touched by everyone’s support. Thirdly, a huge welcome to all my new clients who are about to start their journey with Coastal Canine Pet Services.

My first year as Coastal Canine Pet Services has been amazing, but also a challenging one.......

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A Dog Walker's Favourite Christmas Dog Treat Recipe


We all love to treat our dogs from time to time, especially on special occasions, like birthdays and Christmas. For a lot of dogs, the best way to their heart is through their tummy, so what better gift than a tasty treat, to get those tails wagging. Whats an even better tasty treat, is something homemade.

I’m going to share a couple of homemade tasty dog treats that I've made and have been tried and tested by Coastal Canine’s very own Robbie (The Staffordshire Bull Terrier). These were then double taste tested by the Robbie’s friends at work and they got the paws up from them too.  

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Christmas Poisons To Avoid 


With Christmas just around the corner, your dogs will experience many different changes to the house. This can include many different foods, and decorations that include plants. There are some foods and plants that are toxic to dogs and should be kept out of reach of curious noses. If your presents are food related, it is best not to keep them under the tree.

Here I am going to share with you which foods and plants to keep out of reach of your dog.  

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A Dog Walker's Christmas Carol


T'was the week before Christmas and walks were coming to an end, 

The dog walker writes her Christmas cards to send. 

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From Pup to Grown Up with the Dog Walker


We all love a good puppy cuddle and I do get excited when I meet my new puppy member of Coastal Canine Pet Services for the start of their journey with me. However, it is not all about the puppy cuddles of course, .......

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Find It Fleece Mat 


This type of enrichment is a great way for your dog to use its brain (to work out how to get the treats) and nose (to sniff out where the treats are in the mat) while searching for his/her favourite treat. It can also be used to practice their scent work.  

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Not Just a Walk in the Park


"Oh you just cuddle dogs all day.", "Oh you just walk dogs!", is just a couple of sayings I've commonly heard when asked what I do for a living.


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In case you don’t follow social media, or haven’t liked the page, (please gives me a big thumbs up if you haven’t already) here are a few updates I would like to share. 

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