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A Dog Walker's Christmas Carol

T'was the week before Christmas, and walks were coming to an end

The dog walker writes her Christmas cards to send. 

Each dog waits patiently at the door, 

because a walk with Coastal Canine Pet Services has never been a bore. 

Each house is decorated beautiful and bright,

"She's here, she's here, Auntie Liz is in sight!"

We arrive at the woods, and I put on my wellies,

The dogs are ready to get mud on their bellies, 

for one last walk of 2020. 

The sun is shining and the robins are singing, 

2021 will be a new beginning. 

The dogs raced around the trees, 

and all you could feel was a cold gentle breeze. 

They played until they were all worn out, 

all content and had mud on their snout. 

Back at the van, the dogs had a good rub down, 

despite them being all muddy and brown.

All warm and taken home, I give them one last cuddle,

before they return to their warm cosy bed, for a sleepy snuggle. 

Above each dog bed hung a Christmas stocking, 

for that all important biscuit restocking.

T'was the end of the last week and the dog walker hung up her keys, 

She had put a card under all the client's trees. 

Now all that was to do was wait, not just for Santa Clause, 

but the big dog himself, known as Santa Paws. 

Merry Christmas Everyone, and A Happy New Year! 


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